> Basic theoretical framework for understanding Microchakras
> Mantras and sound development.
> Microchakra Psychology is founded upon the metaphysical view that all
> humans possess three bodies: a physical body and two nonmaterial
> bodies: the subtle (feeling) body and the causal (thinking) body.
> Spiritual growth involves gradually bringing the functioning of these
> three bodies closer and closer together.
> People today spend most of their time directing their attention
> outward. In the exterior world, they find their challenges, pleasures
> and pains. However, it is by directing the attention inward that the
> true reasons they are having these outward experiences may be
> discovered. Once they understand these reasons, they may proceed to
> improve the integration of their bodies and the quality of their
> experiences.
> Chakras are invisible wheels of spinning energy. There are seven major
> chakras distributed along the length of the spinal column. Each chakra
> may be compared to the sun. The sun remains perfect even though our
> ability to receive its rays may be blocked by various obstructions.
> The microchakras are rays which are emitted by the chakra and connect
> with the spine. The chakra mind is nurtured by 21 microchakras.
> Microchakra openings receive energy from the chakra and blockages do
> not.
> Each chakra mind has its own goals: first chakra-stability; second
> chakra-interpersonal exchanges; third chakra-assertion and
> accomplishment; fourth chakra-to love unconditionally; fifth
> chakra-unusual creativity; sixth chakra-to intuit; seventh
> chakra-contentment and transcendence of the earthly plane.
> New York times “supervisor of news research Jack Begg, reported the
> discovery of microchakras by a modern sage Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar in
> Without a doubt this a golden opportunity for those who wish to
> monitor their own spiritual growth to study the state of their own
> microchakras.
> An introductory workshop will explain how these micro chakras stay
> open naturally if we do the right things for the babies we love and do
> the right things as adults.
> You will learn about the light each chakra shines upon us and how to
> capture most in tour circumstances.
> Typical openings and their characteristics as well as the blocked
> microchakras will be explained. Rhythms, sounds and colors will be
> used by practical work during the weekend. Effects of sounds will be
> felt almost immediately. Principles of Naada yoga will be explained
> based on HA the solar energy in the sound and THa the lunar energy.
> Together it creates a balanced state as Yogis experience in the
> physical asanas of HA-THA YOGA. Learn about tridosha theory of
> Ayurveda for balanced and a healthy body. Microchakra psychology has
> identified detailed indications of opening and blocks, as well as
> examples of actions that may open or block each microchakra. They
> offer invaluable guidance for parents, particularly of children in the
> right channel age.,
> But also, helpful; throughout life, as they provide information that
> can quide the application of InnerTuning techniques.Basic theoretical framework for understanding Microchakras Mantras and sound development.  Microchakra Psychology is founded upon the metaphysical view that all humans possess three bodies: a physical body and two nonmaterial bodies: the subtle (feeling) body and the causal (thinking) body. Spiritual growth involves gradually bringing the functioning of these  three bodies closer and closer together.


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InnerTuning© is an open and continuously evolving system. It is contributing to and benefiting from current dialogue in both art and science. The major concepts of InnerTuning are comparable with those of current thinkers who describe the universe as its laws with analogies like "hologram', "continuous thought", "quantum", or "symphony".

It is a unique system which introduces and sharpens individual skills for balanced psychospiritual growth. It builds on the ancient Tantric and Vedic traditions of India, enriching contemporary psychology and science in order to meet the needs of modern times.

Below are some of the most powerful tools of the InnerTuning® methods which help you access the subtle energies of your two invisible bodies of feeling and thought and the discovery of the omnipresence of Consciousness.

Chakra Institute's Purification retreats> give you the opportunity to experience these practices first-hand, under supervision and guidance.

Purifications: Involve dietary protocol with the ingestion of bodily cleansers and nutrients. They are designed to remove toxins from all three bodies (physical, subtle, and causal). They may be done individually or with a group. In the latter case, one benefits from the presence of like-minded caring people when painful emotions are released by the purification process.

Dawn Rising: The ancient sages called the 90 minutes before sunrise the "time of the gods". They understood that the purest energy of the day was available at that time and they availed themselves of it. InnerTuning® encourages that meditation commence 24 minutes before sunrise.

Practical methods for utilizing the different functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain: Synchronization of the breath with the hemispheres of the brain is also encouraged at dawn or at sunset. The left hemisphere of the brain receives energy from the sun and is the seat of rational thought. The right hemisphere receives energy from the moon and is the seat of our feelings.  Balancing the energy flow in your two brain hemispheres by monitoring your breath. The complimentary Prana Calendar™> is a tool for helping to do this

Suggestions for mindful living:  An emphasis on the human being as both nature and spirit. Use of sound and color, yoga postures, specific sleep postures and proper nutrition.

Knowledge of the ancient Indian metaphysics of sound: The sounds for InnerTuning© are produced through vocalizations (mantra) or sustained tones from a stringed instrument of ancient origin (tambura). These sounds maximize the flow of energy to the chakras and produce Surya Akasha (ethereal space). This space quiets the mind and dissolves the blockages. Chanting oneself or listening to specific InnerTuning® recordings is an important means to energize and balance the microchakras™.

Silence: The ancient sages appreciated the value of speech fasts. They would remain silent (mouna) for extended periods of time. Today, there are many practical barriers to obtaining long periods of silence. Nevertheless, InnerTuning advises dwelling in silence as much as possible. It is in silence that our attention may penetrate most deeply within and reveal aspects of ourselves we had not suspected. It is in silence that the three bodies have the greatest opportunity for integration.

Devotion: Devotion may be directed toward a personal deity (of any faith) or toward a cause that betters humanity and in which we firmly believe.

Observation: Often called "nonattachment”, has been used by various spiritual and psychological approaches to human development. The practice of gaining distance from our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations lead to greater control over them. Uncontrolled fear, anger and greed may be acquired in childhood and remain with us throughout life unless they are systematically weakened. With years of InnerTuning they may even be eliminated as a more serene way of being in the world is gradually acquired.

Private consultations for Microchakra™ Analysis: A personalized mantra and individual protocol is prescribed for improved functioning of microchakras. Sri Shyamji will prepare a personal chart of the openings and blocks in your 98 microchakras™. This is a powerful tool for assisting in your psycho-spiritual development.


Better parenting: Requires doing as much as possible to maximize the opening of the 49 microchakras™ during the right channel age. See page: Better Parenting>. More on parenting may be found in Microchakras: InnerTuning for well-Being >by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar and David Isaacs.