Chakra Institute Teachers graduated from 4 years course of InnerTuning Training Program in 2012 studying  Microchakra Psychology and InnerTuning  practices. They are trained in InnerTuning massage,  Purification retreat assistance, spiritual practices and Microchakra counseling.



Kathy Gravereaux

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Kathy was fortunate to meet Sri Shyamji in 1985. This began a life changing journey of self understanding and inner growth. After her 1965 graduation from St. Lukes Hospital school of nursing in NYC, Kathy married and moved to Connecticut. She worked on a medical-surgical   floor and recovery room at Stamford Hospital for six months and then started a family along with her husband Dan. They raised three children. Kathy was an evening supervisor in a geriatric facility for ten years. She also worked fifteeen years as a doula, helping and teaching young mothers to care for their new borns incorporating InnerTuning® teachings. Kathy has journeyed to India with Sri Shyamji's Journey to the Source numerous times. Her two decades as a dedicated student led to even deeper involvement with his work. For several years she has assisted him in private consultations, workshops and purifications both in America and abroad. 


Marina Toleva

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Marina grew up in Moscow, Russia. She has graduated from the College of National Economy in Moscow. She moved to New York in 1995. Having been trained as a professional skater in Russia, she taught ice skating in NYC for 17 years. She has coached hundreds of clients-both children and adults-in the art of figure skating and considers sport to be an integral part of physical and spiritual development.

In search of spiritual guidance in February 2006, Marina was fortunate to meet Sri Shyamji .
She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC (certified by The Teachers College Colombia University) and a Holistic Health counselor. Her counseling practice  focuses on the five essential elements necessary for anyone who wants to lead a healthy and happy life: nutrition, elimination of toxicity, mindfulness, spiritual development and fitness. She is trained and experienced in many different dietary theories. These include eastern and western nutrition as well as health issues specifically related to modern living. 
Following her interest in yogic exercises Marina completed 200 hours Yoga Teachers' Therapy course at the institute of Yoga Sciences & Research, Indore, India. Currently she assists Sri Shyamji in Purification retreats and private consultations, providing InnerTuning® massage, nutritional counseling, yoga practices and guidance with InnerTuning.



Armelle Denolle

Tel: 0033 (0) 1 4782 4004

Since 1991, Armelle Denolle has been Sri Shyamji's translator for French speaking people and his assistant in Paris. She has written many articles about his teachings. Trained as an InnerTuning® Teacher during his absence Armelle continues his work in France. Armelle met Sri Shyamji in September 1990 and felt this meeting as a revelation. For many years, she had tried different systems of chanting as a way of spiritual development. Sri Shyamji's talent far exceeded anything she had experienced before. She was particularly impressed with his integration of sound with a systematic approach to the microchakras.

Armelle is also a yoga teacher since 1975. She has been trained (1969 - 1982) by Nil Hahoutoff, an expert in the observation of the relationship between bodily posture and mental functioning.