Online classes: The Path of Kundalini


The Central Channel


A Life-force, and unique sounds for Psycho -spiritual growth 

An offering by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, Master of Nada Yoga


Seven Fridays:

May 28, June 4, 11, 18, 25, July 2, 9, 2021

12 Noon -1:30 pm (NYC time)

18:00 - 19:30 (Paris time)


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     $25(22 Euro) for each class $155 (132 Euro) for 7 classes (15% discount)


PRANA or the breath carries all five elements, the building blocks of the universe and has the key to our psycho - spiritual path.

Kundalini created all universes and all forms.

Bija sounds of chakras chanted with special breath awareness can awaken the dormant Kundalini.

Spiritual seekers need to first awaken, her seven sisters called Devis

Dakini,Rakini, Lakini, Kakini, Sakini, Hakini and Yashvini - along with their counterparts called Devas who pave the path in the Central Channel.


Through understanding the proper role of all her supporters, under the guidance of an experienced teacher, Kundalini may rise within the proper channel.

Seekers experience joy and abundance when devis and devas create a balance in each of the seven Chakra minds. This is a state called “Santosh".

As the mother Goddess rises in the Central Channel and embraces her divine counterpart Shiva in the seventh chakra, all neurons in the brain illuminate and ecstasy pervades.

These classes will include:

Understanding of chakra anatomy

Sounds and bija mantras to lead to contentment for each of the seven sisters

Subtle breathing patterns to refine ego, open the heart

The role of champions and saboteurs

Advanced Moolbandha mudra

Shakti and Shaktiman invocations

Instincts and their controllers

The electromagnetic field and gravity, as they relate to subtle energies

Expect transformations!


NOTE: - Extracts of sounds especially selected by Sri Shyamji, to enhance and further your practice, will be sent following each class. 


      Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar is a visionary, a unique therapist, and founder of the Chakra Institute. He is the discoverer of the microchakras™. 

      He  is a master of the ancient Indian Healing arts of sound (Nada Yoga) and breath (Svar Yoga) which he has practiced and perfected for the last 50 years.

      His unusual ability to produce the ethereal space called soorya akasha with his voice allows many people to experience powerful changes.

      One of his most important contributions to the living tradition of yoga is a diagnosis and treatment system he calls InnerTuning©, which operates on subtle-body structures never before recognized in yogic literature: the microchakras™ which are the components of the larger chakras, the energetic vortices located along subtle channels analogous to the physical spine.

      When a microchakra™ is fully open, healing energy flows freely. The therapeutic effect is profound. Microchakras™ associated with sounds and mantras are known to evoke harmonious brainwaves, settling the breath and calming the mind. 

      Through his chants and teachings, you will learn  to purify three bodies: the physical, the subtle (feeling)  and the causal body (thoughts). The healing energy finally binds the three fields in to one wholeness.


    His book, Microchakras: Innertuning for Psychological Well-being, co-authored with Prof. David Isaacs, PhD in psychology, was published in English and in French in 2009 and 2013 respectively.

    It can be ordered in USA Here

    Or in Europe Here

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Aug 30 - Sep 7,2020

 with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, Master of Naada Yoga,

and founder of the Chakra Insstitute


Marina Toleva, Health coach 


 Part 1: Aug 30 - Sep 3 -Three-Body Purification retreat 

 Part 2: Sep 3 - 7Workshop - Sounds for Altered States

Seven planes of existence 

Spiritual Lives, Spiritual Transformations, Spiritual Transitions


Call for registration form at 215-862-3768 or email Here

In the Chakra Institute's beautiful environment of 10 secluded and wooden acres that face a private lake, Sri Shyamji will chant advanced mantras, enhanced with visualizations and the extraordinary tones and overtones of the tambura (a handmade gourd instrument). Your experiences will be trans formative, into other realms of awareness.

The Purification Retreat is designed to remove accumulated toxicity and interrupt obsessive patterns of thinking, revealing and leading to resolution of buried feelings.

 Sri Shyamji has over four decades of experience in helping people to purify and integrate their three bodies.

Expect transformation!

Part 1: Three-Body Purification retreat

We all agree that life is too rushed and hectic. We are frequently subjected to excess bodily toxicity, unnatural life-style, negative thinking and emotional issues.

It takes two days to purify the physical body. As Sri Shyamji’s sounds and mantras are chanted,
they act deeply on the subtle body. On the third day, emphasis shifts to the subtle body and feelings which have been buried beneath our awareness. This supports the purification process and helps to increase sensitivity to sound.
On the third day, the subtle body begins to respond to the sounds.
On the fourth day, purified energy from the physical and subtle body is refined enough to penetrate the causal body. The process of thinking itself may begin to feel clearer. Special sounds which produce soorya (golden) akasha are chanted. This highly refined akasha pushes more dense and toxic akasha out of the causal body.
Consequently, the breathing rate drops and participants feel freer to meditate.
The fifth day is devoted to consolidating the gains of the previous days and preparing to preserve them after the retreat ends.

Dietary Protocol for Part 1 

Transformative: Except where contraindicated, participants do not eat solid food for the five-day period. They are provided with high quality herbs and husks, teas, vitamin C, special tonics and delicious protein shakes.
Rejuvenating: Supplemented with additional organic purifying foods such as khichri
(mung beans and rice) which are easily digested.
Nourishing: Supplemented with additional organic purifying foods such as khichri, steamed vegetables and other foods according to the participant’s needs.

Part 2: Workshop - Sounds for Altered States

Seven planes of existence 

Spiritual Lives, Spiritual Transformations, Spiritual Transitions


...a workshop about how to live spiritually and how to leave this body in the highest state of awareness

offered by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar


In Indian traditional texts, it is well defined that we are travelers appearing on different planes, called Lokas.

In this lifetime, we have been born on the planet Earth, the Bhu Loka, from one of the other higher planes of existence (Vyahrtis) including the Bhuar, Svar, Maha, Janaha, Tapaha and Satyam.

In this workshop, we will learn the nature of each of these Lokas as well as mantras appropriate for visiting each Loka, both while we are on the Earth (Bhu) plane, as well as after leaving our present body.

You will learn about the ten “doors" that are within our physical body, and how to use them properly, accompanied by other techniques, for the best transition, and election, to your next life.

This workshop is for anyone, of any age, who wants to live a spiritual life, and who wants to understand their unlimited potentials.

Dietary Protocol for Part 2

In the second part of retreat participants will have a transitional diet with three organic purifying vegetarian meals a day. They are provided with cleansing and digestive herbs and supplements. This protocol will help to continue to detoxify and nourish your system.


-Twice-daily classes with Sri Shyamji: Microchakra Psychology, Naada and Svar Yoga (the yogas of sound and breath), plus group chanting special sounds and mantras; visualization; and microtone chanting

-Yoga practices, InnerTuning® movements, walks and rhythmic breathing

-Group chanting practices

-Mauna (speech fast) is observed until noon. This is of paramount importance for the observation of thoughts and feelings, and ultimately leads to internal silence by which one can be guided from within

-Karma Yoga (selfless service)

-Sunrise meditation followed by the practice of Svar Yoga (synchronization of the brain hemispheres with the breath)

-Professional quality video for in-depth understanding of the Bhagavat-Gita, from a living saint and other spiritual documentaries from the Chakra Institute's library

-A nutrition classes with Marina Toleva, Certified Health Coach

 Part 1: Aug 30 - Sep 3 -Three-Body Purification retreat ($700)

 Part 2: Sep 3 - 7 Workshop - Sounds for Altered States ($800)

Part 1 and 2: $1350 (All inclusive)

To secure your place a non-refundable deposit of $200
for each part is required by August 14th.

Call for registration form at 215-862-3768 or email Here

Bus Schedule from the airports and New York City to New Hope, PA Here
From New Hope, PA to New York City Here

Please note: the closest airport is Newark where

Private Chakra Analysis private consultations with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar and
InnerTuning® massage  with Marina Toleva will be available during the the Retreat
(*Not included in the price of retreat)


-Comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothes.(no jeans) Have a clean set of
clothes for each day and additional layers for cooler mornings.(Laundry service is not available)
-Exercise clothes for yoga classes
-Soft soundless slippers
-Rubber-soled footwear to use outdoors. *Grass is usually wet during early morning walks.
-No spiral notebook or journal and a soft, non-clickable pen
-Comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothes (no jeans)

















-Singing class for self-expression and voice development with Jazmin Suescun

Jazmin Suescun, a teacher of vocal arts and music therapist

How to use these states as a tool for refinement of the thinking process leading to SAMADHI

(union with our divine Self)


-Experience altered state and bliss through sounds and mantras

-Learn how to purify your mind, feelings and body

-Enjoy vegetarian organic meals


5 days: April 19-24

3 days: April 19-22

Early bird discount 10% off if the full price of retreat paid before  February 26th.

To secure your place a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required by MARCH 26th.

Please request the registration form to contact us HERE

Or  read about our registration  HERE

In order to get maximum benefit from powerful mantras and sounds chanted  by Sri Shyamji it is important to have a spring purification.

We are energized by five major praanas, or vital life forces. Of these five, the apaana praana is the detoxifier. It normally operates below the navel, where it facilitates the bodily functions of elimination. However, the stress of modern life putrifies the apaana, affecting the purity of higher praanas. As a result, different regions of the body can manifest disorders ranging from constipation to anger, intolerance to anxiety and depression, memory problems to dementia. When the apaana is purified, digestion and bowel rhythm is improved, and you will feel grounded, clear, and light.

 Periodic purifications rid the body of toxic materials. This is particularly important to energize organs such as the colon, liver, kidneys and lungs that are regularly expelling toxins.

The physical body is pervaded by a subtle body which is the source of our feelings and emotions. These include insecurity, fear and anger. Selfish relationships based on greed and competition further contribute to toxicity. The subtle body can be detoxified by special stretching and breathing exercises, devotional chanting and InnerTuning movements.

 When our physical and subtle bodies are in harmony, we can become aware of an even subtler body that is the source of our thoughts. It is the causal body which also requires detoxification by reduction of negative thoughts, inferiority or superiority complexes, depression and mistaken values which harm the health of all three bodies. These negative thoughts may be overcome by drawing upon latent sources within us.

 Aurvedic dietary protocol: The diet is designed to enhance fat metabolism in the cells. Because fat is a stable fuel, you will experience a sense of calm when you enter the fat metabolism mode. You will have three organic, gluten-free purifying vegetarian meals a day. The diet will be supplemented with cleansing and digestive herbs and supplements. This protocol will help to detox and nourish your lymphatic system.


Advanced vocal sounds will be taught and practiced.

Sri Shyamji’s unique ability to produce the ethereal element of soorya (golden) aakaasha with his voice, is the key to the powerful changes every participant in the retreat can expect. The absorption of soorya aakaasha also purifies apaana, and helps to integrate the three bodies.

The beautiful environment of  Chakra Institute, coupled with the extraordinary tones and overtones of the tambura (a handmade gourd instrument) will transport one to other realms of awareness. Tranquil meditation follows naturally.