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Dedicated to advancing the theory of Microchakra™ Psychology
 and the practice of InnerTuning®

Presents InnerTuning® Training Programs with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

These programs are designed to deepen psycho-spiritual growth and are open to all who are interested in personal growth and professional training. 

They offer an ideal opportunity for professionals such therapists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and counselors.

It is an ideal opportunity for yoga teachers to enhance their effectiveness.



for Europe only

JUNE 29 - JULY 4  2020



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Sri Shyamji is a master of Naada Yoga – the Yoga of Sound. He is the discoverer of Microchakras and the Founder of the Chakra Institute and InnerTuning® systems for spiritual development.
Sri Shyamji has an international network of students and professionals at multiple centers throughout the USA, Europe & South America.

Sri Shyamji will impart the psychology of the microchakras and techniques to absorb the light from the benevolent chakras. Participants will undergo training to preserve the authenticity
of the Microchakra Psychology theory and InnerTuning practices. Each program combines on-site and off-site training.