Introduction Class


Dear Friends,


Chakra Institute is inviting all of you to an introduction to its Three-Body Purification by Sri Shyamji, as a scheduled Zoom meeting.

We also invite students who participated in the May - June online retreats to share their experiences and thoughts.

Time: Jun 27, 2020 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) / 16:30 (Paris time) 

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 879 4445 5600

Password: 156562


Listen to Sri Shyamji's teachings about this purification experience and hear him chant, for a direct experience of his profound teachings and sounds.

There will be an opportunity to ask him questions about this workshop.

We all want to be free, to break the boundaries of all types of bondage. Being restricted and confined to our homes causes additional distress.

Through the live transmission of Sri Shyamji's sounds that create soorya akasha (ethereal space), many have reached the freedom they truly are.

Your experiences will make you glad that you joined the Chakra Institute's online community.

On a practical level we can avail of technology - computer "shields" specific to their computer brand, that block certain issues that may come from the computer's screens. 

We all have the capacity to discriminate, to elect how we spend our lifetime, including the application of technology to our lives, including the uses of ALL technology, such as electricity, gas, trips to airports and air flights/other natural resources. 

Generally, viewing the classes and workshops online may use less energy than flying internationally, traveling to airports, etc.

Students may apply their discriminating minds to CHOOSE what they spend their tech time on, and to evaluate the costs/benefits to their life, such as...what are they learning, what is the benefit of their sound experience with Shyamji as it relates to their Self/family/friends.

And, are the profound offerings of Sri Shyamji, and their benefits, which are both immediate and lifetimes long, "worth" the computer time they allotted for the classes.

Live screen time with a living master, is a rare opportunity, and includes the chance to directly have questions asked and answered.

Thus, students have a choice, they can "not" spend some of the computer time they use for other matters, and reserve it for the classes and workshops, for profound benefits.



It is understandable that some of you may have financial difficulties at this time.

In such circumstances, the Chakra Institute offers the purification retreat with an optional payment situation.


For further information, please contact here or phone 215-862-3768.



Chakra Institute