Onsite Three-Body Purification at Chakra Institute



OCTOBER 9 - 14, 2020

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The Chakra Institute offers retreats to anyone—no matter your age or walk of life—to learn how to address disturbances and claim your rightful bliss.

The Three-Body Purification Retreat is designed to flush out accumulated toxicity, interrupt obsessive patterns of thinking, and resolve buried feelings. The detailed practices will allow you to gradually rise above the mind, make right choices, and find joy in each day.

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As fundamentally divine beings, we are all designed to be joyful and content. There is no need to settle for less.

The stresses of life, however, often sabotage us with negative thinking, emotional issues and physical toxicity.

You will learn about the blueprint that has already been laid out for us by ancient teachers, allowing us to put our minds and bodies to work for us, in service of our true nature. While these teachings delve into higher thoughts, you’ll also find them to be utterly practical. You will learn how to care for yourself well enough to adequately care for others and the earth.

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, the Chakra Institute’s founder, offers more than four decades of experience and has guided thousands of people around the world. His unique ability to produce the ethereal element of soorya akasha with his voice allows many people to experience powerful changes.

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Many participants have found this program to be life transforming:


Through his chants and teachings, and through meditation and a dietary protocol, you will begin to purify your three bodies: the physical body, the causal body (thoughts) and the subtle body (feelings). See below for an explanation of the three bodies and how they are purified.


Retreat Agenda


  • Sunrise meditation
  • Twice-daily classes: Microchakra™ Psychology, Nada (yoga of sound) and Svar (yoga of breath)
  • Microtone chanting by Sri Shyamji
  • Kirtan and group chanting
  • InnerTuning® movements and walks on the Institute’s bucolic, forested grounds
  • Mauna (speech fast) is observed until noon
  • Video of a rare, living saint
  • Nutrition classes


Dietary Protocol 

Ayurveda describes three doshas (types of energy). Therefore, several dietary options will be available.

  • Transformative: Except where contraindicated, participants do not eat solid food for the five-day period. They are provided with high quality herbs and husks, teas, vitamin C, special tonics and delicious protein shakes. This diet is intended to cleanse the internal organs. If needed, special foods can be provided according to the participant’s needs. *
  • Rejuvenating: Supplemented with additional organic purifying foods such as kitcheri (mung beans and rice), which is easily digested
  • Nourishing: Steamed vegetables and other foods according to participant needs


Daily Activities

Days 1 and 2:  It takes two days to purify the physical body. As Sri Shyamji’s sounds and mantras are chanted, they act deeply on the subtle body.

Day 3: Emphasis shifts to the subtle body and feelings that have been buried beneath our awareness. The subtle body begins to respond to the sounds, and there is increased awareness of the sounds. This supports the purification process.

Day 4: Purified energy from the physical and subtle body is refined enough to penetrate the causal body. The process of thinking itself may begin to feel clearer. Sri Shyamji and participants chant sounds that produce Soorya (goldenakasha (space), expanding and strengthening the path of subtle energy to enable lasting healing and create clarity of mind. This highly refined akasha pushes dense and toxic residue out of the thinking body. When we are purified, our breathing rate drops and we meditate with ease.

Day 5: This day is devoted to consolidating the gains of the previous days and preparing to preserve them after the retreat ends, with a healing chant and an ancient instrument, the tambura.

Days 6-9: For those able to attend the full nine days, the lessons delve deeper into knowledge of the chakras and microchakras, and allow for further meditation and purification of the three bodies.

About the Three Bodies

The Retreat purifies and integrates the three bodies, which ancient Indian teachings refer to as:

  • Physical body: Between the cells of our physical body, there is considerable space. The other two bodies (causal and subtle, described below) pervade this space—like radio waves pervade the “solid” walls of a room.
  • Causal body:  Where our thoughts reside. Human beings, in the process of survival, evaluate changes in their environment first in the causal body by means of thought. Thoughts generate feelings in the subtle body, which are then expressed in the physical body. Thoughts, feelings, and sensations influence one another.
  • Subtle body: The seat of our feelings. The subtle body has seven major spinning wheels of light energy (chakras), energized by the five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air and akasha (space). Elements—and combinations of elements—play an essential role in determining how we feel. Under conditions of stress and toxicity, the elements lose their purity and potency. This may have a negative effect on our feelings. For example, when the earth element is in abundance, we feel solid and grounded, and our confidence is strengthened, while if earth is dispersed, we may feel weak and sluggish. When air is plentiful, we may feel buoyant and more loving; if polluted, it can cause us to feel uncaring.

The three bodies are energized by five major pranas, or vital life forces. Of these five, the apana prana is the detoxifier.

Apana prana normally operates below the navel, where it facilitates bodily functions of elimination such as urination. The stress of modern life putrefies apana, however, affecting the purity of higher pranas. Therefore, different regions of the body can manifest disorders ranging from constipation to depression, memory problems to dementia, and even schizophrenia. When the apana is purified, digestion and bowel rhythm is improved, and one feels grounded, clear, stable and light.

The light of the chakras travels through subtle pathways called microchakras. Blockages in the microchakras cause stress, anxiety, addictive behavior and lack of confidence. When open, these pathways lead to a more meaningful, productive, and joyful life, in harmony with the laws of nature.


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How the Purification Affects each Body

The Purification affects each body in different ways:

  • Physical body: Physical purification sharpens all five senses. It inspires the desire to keep the body healthy. The dietary protocol is intended to cleanse the internal organs (liver, kidney, bladder, spleen, blood and intestines), strengthen the immune system, and decrease sensitivity to allergens. InnerTuning movements associated with each chakra are practiced and assist the purification process. Regular exercise and a healthy diet become part of our routine.
  • Causal Body: We discuss deep questions such as: “Who Am I?”; “Why Am I Here?”; and “How do I create and maintain wellness and happiness in my life?”  The educational experience is empowering on many levels. The process of thinking itself may begin to feel clearer. Interest in abstract thinking naturally emerges, along with the desire to turn the senses inward (pratyahara).  We chant sounds and mantras that produce soorya (golden) akasha. This highly refined akasha pushes dense, toxic akasha out of the causal body. The absorption of soorya akasha purifies apana, and helps to integrate the three bodies, facilitating meditation and life transformation. Consequently, the breathing rate drops dramatically and participants feel freer to meditate, refining thinking and facilitating life transformation.
  • Subtle Body: Purification of the subtle body cleanses our feelings and emotions. The negative ones may have been buried beneath our awareness. Sometimes, old memories from early childhood emerge. This is part of the purification process. Since all participants are present for the same purpose, they provide a supportive environment for one another. As participants become in touch with their real feelings on a deeper level, they begin to lay the groundwork for improvement in relationships, creating contentment as competitiveness evaporates—one can truly feel happy when others are also succeeding. Helping others becomes a reward in and of itself. Sri Shyamji’s sounds and mantras act deeply on the subtle body, increasing awareness of the effects sounds have on body, mind and spirit. Many have reported a greater sound awareness at the retreat’s end.