InnerTuning© consultations in person

The initial private consultation Microchakra™ Analysis with

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar in person is not available until further notice.

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InnerTuning© Consultation (up to 2.5 hours) presents the opportunity to know who you really are, from the perspective of your subtle energies, and to create a plan of transform and integration specific to your requirements and the present state of your three bodies.

The initial consultation begins with  InnerTuning® massage, in preparation for the microchakra observation and analysis. A certified practitioner will provide the massage that relaxes by stimulating energy points marmas.

The meeting with Sri Shyamji begins with an introduction to the energy system of the chakras followed by an alignment of the microchakras and creation of a chart outlining the openings and blockages within your 84 or more microchakras. (Alignment enables the microchakras to be more receptive to the light coming from the perfect chakras. Its effect may be felt for several days, as a sense of balance and harmony.)

The chart is both a tool and opportunity to prioritize the blockages for clearing, with consideration to some blockages that may function as “saboteurs.” Those may prevent certain openings from manifesting
a potentially healthy effect.

With your priorities established, recommendations may include holistic advice, dietary and exercise suggestions according to body type, (Kapha, Pitta, Vatta) and Microtone chanting , that provide direct support to the subtle body, to overcome blocked microchakras. With practice, your focus on solutions may lead to attitudinal changes that expedite recovery.

The initial consultation concludes with an opportunity to review your entire InnerTuning plan, with a certified practitioner.

The sounds for InnerTuning are produced through vocalizations or sustained tones from a stringed instrument of ancient origin (tambura). These sounds maximize the flow of energy to the chakras and produce Soorya Akasha (ethereal space). This space quiets the mind and dissolves the blockages. Chanting oneself or listening to specificInnerTuning©recordings is an important means to energize and balance the microchakras.

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Cancellation policy:
Cancellations 24 hours or less prior to the appointment - 90% of the fee
is due.
Cancellations 48 hours or less prior to the appointment - 50% of the fee
is due.

Initial session - Microchakra™ Analysis - : $300

The Follow-Up private consultation: MIcrochakra™ Tuning

with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

In follow-up sessions (shorter), the microchakras are energized for vitality and balance, according to the plan established in the initial consultation. Experiences during your practice, since the last consultation, are discussed and adjustments in your plan are made accordingly.

Alignment of the microchakras enables them to be more receptive to the perfect light energy coming from the chakras. The effect of this alignment may be felt for several days afterwards as a sense of balance and harmony.

Follow-up session - Microchakra™Tuning - 40 minutes: $135

Microchakra™Tuning with Massage: $175

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InnerTuning Massage is a combination of special techniques for directing the energy of the chakras to the head, face, neck and shoulders accompanied by the subtle sounds. This invigorates all nerve endings for the entire body and creates a balance in the two hemispheres of the brain. 

Essential oil is used to stimulate, rejuvenate and relax the mind and body. 

When based on an understanding of subtle energy flow, InnerTuning is more powerful than whole body massage.

Practitioners are trained to impart subtle energy from their fingertips through the pressure points on the head, face, neck and shoulders. Long held tensions are released. The whole face feels composed with a relaxed smile and radiant skin. This radiance may extend throughout the entire body and other worldly feelings can be experienced.

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar has recorded precise sounds, which pass through the marmas and aid the flow of subtle energy beneath them. These sounds purify the five elements (tattvas) of earth, water, fire, air and Akasha (space). It is through the proper balance of the elements that deep contentment may be achieved.

Fee: 30 min - $45

Nutrition and Health coaching with Marina Toleva>

Fee; 1 hour - $100