InnerTuning massage



By Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar 

with Marina Toleva


Contact Information:  Marina Toleva Tel: +1-215-862-3768 or contact us here

“Everybody has the potential to become aware of subtle energies flowing within them, particularly in their fingers. They can also learn to increase the intensity of their energy flow.” - Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

InnerTuning® massage is a combination of special techniques for directing the light of the chakras to the head, neck and shoulders, with soft touch, accompanied by subtle sounds composed by Sri Shyamji.

These sounds penetrate the microchakras and help align the sensations of your physical body with those arising from the subtle body. This invigorates all nerve endings of the entire physical body and creates balance in the hemispheres of the brain. InnerTuning massage is more powerful and efficient than whole body massage, due to the experience of the subtle energy flow.

Each massage releases long-held tensions in both upper and lower jaws. The whole face feels composed, presenting a relaxed smile and radiant skin. This radiance may extend throughout the entire body.

Sri Shyamji is the discoverer of Microchakras™ and the creator of InnerTuning systems for spiritual development, and the author of Microchakras:
InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being. 
(Available through Amazon or from

Sri Shyamji has an international network of students and professionals at multiple centers throughout the USA, Europe & South America. His workshops, seminars, and classes offer an ideal opportunity for professionals such therapists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, counselors; yoga teachers and all who want to enhance their well-being.

 INNERTUNING® MASSAGE Program Prerequisites:

Applicants are suggested to complete a Three-Body Purification Retreat prior to the start of this Program. 


 Touch Development

• Experiencing subtle energies within and between the hands

• Increasing energy intensity in the fingers

• Experiencing the storehouse of healing energy of the heart chakra

• Mudras, including” Guidance in the movements of the hands

• Increasing sensitivity from shoulders to elbows, elbows to wrists

• Controlling the release of energy through the fingers

• Exercises and movements for experiencing special energy in the fingertips.

• Caring for the hands

• Experiencing subtle energies within and between the hands Increasing energy intensity in the fingers

• Recognizing releases in the fingertips

• Cellular relaxation by connecting with the subtle body

• Transferring energy to the client

• Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik energy


Client-Specialist Protocol

Communication with client

Introduction to Microchakra Psychology

• Basic theoretical framework for understanding Microchakras

• Explanation of how various blockages develop in childhood

• The effect of blockages on adult personality

• Spirituality and meditation

• Five primary elements (tattvas)

• The nonmaterial fields (bodies)

• The tripartite brain

• Chakras - 7 major and 2 minor

• Understanding the significance of the solar and lunar channels

Breathing Techniques

• Lunar and solar hemispheric synchronization: Prana Calendar

• Understanding the role of inhalation and exhalation in administering healing energy

• Subtle pranayama exercises

Mantras Pronunciation of selected sounds and mantras

Daily Schedule

• Dawn meditation program

• Two Classes with Sri Shyamji

• Daily practice with demonstration for facial and head energy work supervised by Innertuning massage trained practitioner. (Recordings with massage sequences and sounds will be available to study during the practices)

• Aarti - balancing body and brain with light and sound

OR special video recordings from Chakra Institute library ( only in USA)

• Karma Yoga

• Cooking healthy - lunch daily classes (in USA only)

A nutrition class will be conducted at the end of the program with Marina Toleva, a certified holistic health coach: Balancing vatta, pitta and kapha (the tridoshas of Ayurveda).



Tuition per 5-day $990, 3- days $650 (including logging in Chakra Institute, 3 organic meals a day)


880 Euro (including tuition, educational supplies, lunch and lodging)

Additional charges for off-site educational support apply for students seeking certification