Prana Calendar™

The Chakra Institute Prana Calendar™ is a unique tool for synchronizing the breath with planetary rhythms. It is based upon the relationship between breath and the hemispheres of the brain.

A main component of InnerTuning® methods, this synchronization is achieved by becoming better aware of the link between nostril breath and the functions of either the left or right brain at a given moment in time. Having awareness and influence over this link, in relation to the dominance of one side of the brain versus the other, has a profound effect on our well-being on a daily basis.

The right brain, for example, is known to guide the operation of non-verbal communication, intuitive thinking, emotions, creativity, spatial perception, associative thinking, sensitivity to music and harmony, and our memory of shapes and forms. The left brain, alternately, is known to control the operation of speech, sequential thought, rational analysis, rhythm, attention to detail, and mathematical reasoning. With
the awareness of the capacity of the nostril breath to affect these activities, the students of InnerTuning can increase their abilities to harmonize mental, emotional and physical activities.

The Prana Calendar is a year-long schedule of the correct nostril alignment, sunrise and sunset times and alerts for important dates throughout the year. It functions as the primary practical guide for following the InnerTuning system. It contains essays and charts that further explain the relationship of the breath to brain hemispheres and discusses how mantras aid this aspect of psycho-spiritual growth.

When used regularly, calendar synchronization of your breath with the correct brain hemisphere provides lasting beneficial effects throughout the day and profound positive changes over an extended period of time.