What is Meditation?

Real Meditation which finally leads to SMADHI (union with one's divinity).

This occurs when the following conditions have been met:

  1. The body is in a stable posture with spine perpendicular to the earth. Several methods may be used to attain this. The classical one is accomplished with YOGA. Seated comfortably with both legs folded, right over left. This is the lotus posture (padmaasana) and is the one that permits maximum absorption of purest light from the perfect chakras.
  2. The senses have been directed inward (PRATIAHARA).
  3. Breathing is even through both nostrils (SUSHUMNAA breath).
  4. Breathing is reduced at the rate of four breaths per minute or fewer for SMADHI. (Until then, Microchakra™ Psychology refers to "approximate" meditation).
  5. Maximum light energy is absorbed from the sixth or seventh chakras for sustaining the highest thought in SMADHI:

" AHAM BRAHMASMI" - "I am That"(consciousness).

  1. Once the above dictum becomes a belief from constant reminder of this thought, the posture or breath rate has no more significance.