The word ego primarily is borrowed from Freudian psychology but in the chakra system, the ego is looked at in a very positive way.  For instance there are seven different chakras and each chakra has a mind that utilizes the ego. For instance the first chakra ego wants you to be able to survive, while the second chakra ego causes you to reproduce by giving you the passion for your sexual activity. Third chakra ego expects you to leave some kind of a name behind some kind of a contribution that you have made for the society behind so people will remember you.
Fourth chakra ego embodies the art of surrender. When you surrender your ego rises and unconditional love, true love that is in the heart chakra, rises to the fifth chakra, and creativity releases new ideas, inventions. Once that ego surrenders, it goes into this sixth chakra, when you start to learn the art of withdrawing all the five senses, and the sixth sense emerges. 
The sixth sense is the one responsible for intuition. And finally, the the seventh chakra, the finest intuition of true reality of what it is and who we truly are unfolds. Socrates said know thyself and what I believe he meant by that is not only to know your body type and to to know your mind, to know your feelings and to know your thoughts. He said know thyself,  know the subject that we really are. All these egos come in the way of truly knowing who we truly are.
 Therefore, at the key junctions, such as the heart chakra where the surrender must occur. In fact we experienced that every night when we go to sleep. Gradually each of the senses is withdrawn and finally the sixth chakra sense is withdrawn and we merge into our true nature which is in deep sleep.

L’Ego et le Soi 

La reddition totale de l’égo de chacun des 7 chakras nous amène à embrasser la nature véritable de nous-même qui est Conscience. Quand, par un usage approprié de chacun des 7 aspects de l’égo, nous « palpons » jusque dans l’état de veille, notre nature profonde, la Conscience, on peut dire que nous avons atteint l’illumination.

La Psychologie des Chakras ™ conçoit l’Ego comme un instrument permettant  de faire évoluer nos prises de conscience. Correctement éduqué et raffiné, l’égo peu à peu nous rapproche de la perception du Soi intérieur. Quand l’ego cesse de se laisser miner par les saboteurs, il devient alors le précieux serviteur du Soi.

Lors de ce séminaire, nous apprendrons des techniques, des sons et des Mantras appropriés pour vivifier les 7 aspects de l’égo, liés aux 7 chakras, en faciliter et fluidifier les transitions.


Rejoignez-nous dans ce séminaire profondément interactif autour du « Connais-toi toi-même » de Socrate.

 Total surrender of all seven egos causes us to embrace our true nature that is consciousness 
 When we can experience our true nature in the waking state, we are an enlightened human being appropriately using egos in all seven chakra minds including the total  surrender, the total embrace of our true nature.

Join this highly interactive workshop to, “Know thyself.” - Socrates.