By SRI SHYAMJI BHATNAGAR, a Master of Nada Yoga

May 25 – 28, 2020

Where: Hertogenbosch, The  Netherlands

Contact Information:


“…In sound I am Divine, Divine is sound in me, we are one song…”   - S.Bhatnagar

With the open voice training exercises we will direct our breath to a deep place from where a resonance will inspire you to chant sounds of chakras and mantras.

Tambura is the best instrument to accompany your voice. Your voice may help to submerge in the overtones and undertones of the rich tambura. Tambura is made with a vegetable called gourd. The gourd is made hollow for the sound to resonate organically. (The seasoned wood is glued to hold the gourd. )

You will learn:

Millennia-old techniques from Nada Yoga

Experience and achieve awareness of element of akasha produced by the voice and tambura

To hold and to strum the strings of tambura

Submerge your voice in the overtones and undertones

Vocalizing with the tambura.

Different rhythms of playing the tambura.

The program includes:

-Two classes with Sri Shyamji each day

-Group Practices with tambura and recordings of a great singer Jagadish Mohan


Fee: 650 Euro

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Give Your Self a Spiritual Vacation...

Immerse in an Ocean of Sound and Chants


An ideal place for a dawn meditation, hear Sri Shyamji’s sacred sounds of chakras and synchronize your tripartite brain. Enjoy organic meals, morning InnerTuning® movements, lessons in cooking and nutrition.

Sri Shyamji offers two workshops each day, filled with the subtle sounds of chakras and the wisdom of Microchakra™ Psychology.

Be your joy, as you experience the blissful stillness within, and of the nature and beauty without, at this rare and special place in New Hope, Pennsylvania, 
in the USA.

“…In sound I am Divine, Divine is sound in me, we are one song…”    - S.Bhatnagar

Creativity, its unfolding and expression in the voice, is the key to the throat chakra. With the flow of energy from the heart to the throat (fifth chakra),  whose activating physical principle is the vocal cords,we may experience the purest of the elements, Akasha, into which all other elements merge and dissolve.

In akasha, where creativity and communication reside, with the practice of time-tested techniques, we may come to know the universe as composed of a variety of sound frequencies, shruti.Eventually, we may hear the ten Naada, the cosmic sounds, the final one a dissolution into ecstasy. The voice becomes a healing tool, expanding on the principle of love, as the from the heart (fourth) chakra.

This workshop offers voice training for transformational chanting, plus techniques to create the purest aspects of sound and akasha, integrated with the philosophy and psychology of the microchakras.


Contact Information:  Marina Toleva Tel: +1-215-862-3768 or contact us here

Sri Shyamji is an extraordinary master of Naada Yoga - the yoga of the most subtle aspects of sound.  He is the discoverer of Microchakras™ and the creator of InnerTuning® Systems for spiritual development, and the author of Microchakras: InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being.

At centers throughout the USA, Europe and South America, Sri Shyamji offers workshops, seminars, and classes  for all who want to enhance their well-being and that are an ideal opportunity for professionals including therapists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, counselors, yoga teachers.

Throughout this workshop, Sri Shyamji will offer classes in voice training for transformative chanting, as part of the InnerTuning® system. He will impart chanting techniques integrated with the philosophy and psychology of the Microchakras™.

Challenging emotional states are reflections of energy blocks in the microchakras which sometimes manifest as diminished voice and chronic tensions. 

Through proper vocal practice such obstacles may be eliminated. The voice will relax, the smile soften, and become natural. You will experience a lightness, as deeply held emotions are transformed.


You will learn:


*Millennia-old techniques from Naada Yoga,

  the yoga of sound 

*Sounds that facilitate meditative states

*Phonetic vocabulary with additional sounds beyond those of your native language

*Chanting with confidence and awareness, leading to transformation of emotional states

*Breathing techniques that facilitate confidence and awareness, allowing full expression

*Techniques to integrate and manage the three bodies -- Physical, Subtle(feeling) and Causal (thinking)-- leading to greater well-being, balanced emotions and clarity of thought  

*Experience and achieve awareness of Akasha, the Golden Ether


Daily Voice Program Schedule*

- 5:00 am Dawn meditation program to synchronize with planetary energies

-  7:30  InnerTuning®Movements and Exercises 

-  8:30 Breakfast

-  9:30 am Group practices of chanting 

-  10:30 am  Class with Sri Shyamji 

 - 12:30 Lunch

-  1:00 Rest

 - 2:30 Karma Yoga

-  3:30 pm Daily group practices of chanting 

-  4:30 pm Class with Sri Shyamji

-  Nutritional Class with Marina Toleva (on the last day)

-  Daily cooking (participants are welcome to join and learn the recipes) 

-  Some  evenings: Video from the library of the Chakra Institute

-  Some evenings : Aarti - practice for balancing the brain hemispheres